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Get Off My Lawn Podcast

Nov 24, 2023

More Dhar Mann mysteries, clarifying the firing of Cody Canuck, Mets fans and mental illness, the importance of drinking with coworkers, taking calls with back-to-front wipers, guys who moves to Alaska, and guys interested in buying motorcycles.

Nov 17, 2023

Liberal women are thoroughly enjoy the teachings of Osama bin Laden, DeSantis loves spaghetti, Trump's gonna come, BrooklynDad is vermin, Chat GPT got dewoked, and Palestinians are beavers.

Nov 10, 2023

Beauty is hard to attain, dead dogs make men cry, Kyle Dunnigan is still king, cumbrellas suck, face transplants are amazing, burnouts are retarded, so is Cori Bush, toddlers cannot be drag queens, trannies are losers, students don't know what Hamas is, the DHS are censoring us, and our justice system is a...

Nov 3, 2023

Trump joined Iron Maiden, don't put your seat back, "I'm not sir" is cutting his dick off, Hells Angels are going to prison, gays are immune to pepper spray, someone at a shit sandwich, it's illegal to criticize Hamas, and the coolest kid in the world works at Giuseppe's Garage.