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Get Off My Lawn Podcast

Jul 11, 2019

In this Free Tommy / Free Stone super episode, we sit down with Tommy Robinson and Roger Stone and hear their side of the story. Turns out, Tommy didn’t encourage vigilanteism. He encouraged journalism. Also, Roger didn’t collude with Russia or facilitate Wikileaks. He forgot about a random email from Julian Assange. Later, we examine this new trend in feminism where bitchiness is seen as an empowering trait because it looks powerful. It’s not. You just seem like a person that sucks to hang out with. Oh yeah, we take calls and make fun of men who cry.
NOTE: This is a vidcast of the free podcast so we make it black and white to differentiate it from the daily Get Off My Lawn show which is in color. Go to Censored.TV today and sign up for tons more daily content just like this. You’ll enjoy yourself. It’s fun.