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Get Off My Lawn Podcast

Jun 30, 2023

Back from visiting hooligans on the lam, the G breaks down 10 things he’s learned about hard men. We also look at Queen, Sid Vicious, Paul Weller, Tim Pool, Emma Vigeland, Pit Bulls, and great dads.

Jun 9, 2023

On this partially free Friday show, we hit some classic segments, like My Pet Biden, Feminism, and War on Cops. Then move on to discuss the new season of "I Think You Should Leave", Kevin Hart's terrible movie "Night School", drunk Tara Reid, and childless women who have pet bees.

Jun 2, 2023

After an alarmingly brief free portion, we deep dive into the Danny Masterson rape charge because it seems fishy. Then, it's Joe Biden falling, Trump winning, and a swarm of illegals destroying New York City.