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Get Off My Lawn Podcast

May 29, 2019

I was recently contacted by NYT reporter Rob Kuznia about my aversion to pornography. Apparently, some sex columnist who calls herself Lux Alptraum claims it’s anti-Semitic. The logic pretzel you need to get to this conclusion is a great example of Clown World journalism and how far papers like the New York Times have fallen. Social Justice Warriors aren’t just blogging at HuffPo anymore. They are at formerly reputable papers like NYT and Washington Post. They’re also on MSNBC and CNN. Antifa and Medium are reputable sources and if someone has a Word doc that says the president paid whores to pee on Obama’s bed, well that’s all the proof we need. What was once an exclusive is now an amateur orgy where the password to get in is, “Nazi.” We also go deep into the Mail Bag and discover our listeners insults could do with a tune-up.